Research into teaching a foreign language using phonics methodology

Ofsted MFL Research Review June, 2021

Teaching Schools Council MFL Pedagogy review report, 2016

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Can the regular use of target language phonics reduce the dependence on class teachers in MFL and therefore lead to greater independence in learning without compromising the quality of new language acquisition? Kate Venner de Cortez, University of Cumbria, 2015

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An early start to French literacy: learning the spoken and written word simultaneously in English primary schools Volume 1 of 2 (2014)

A study into the teaching of reading to beginner learners of French in secondary school. Funded by The Nuffield Foundation. Woore, R., Graham, S., Porter, A., Courtney, L. & Savory, C. (2018). Foreign language education: unlocking reading (FLEUR).

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